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Necker Open

Tournament Rules & Format

The 2018 Manuka Doctor Necker Open presented by Metal focuses on fun competition with your favorite pros and legends of golf. We have come up with a set of tournament rules to keep play competitive and enjoyable, no matter your putting game.

Nail Bay
The Necker 9

Nail Bay

Guests will play with PGA Pro’s & Legends at the Nail Bay Golf Course, a privately owned golf course on Nail Bay (owned by Czech billionaire Peter Kellner) on Virgin Gorda located just 5 minutes by boat from Necker Island. The ocean-side course is truly spectacular, offering 18 short holes on occasions using the same greens and tee offs. The approx. $30 million course was completed in 2015 and since then it has remained private solely for the owners use.   

Handicapped Scoring

A handicapped scoring format will make it competitive for players of all levels to compete in this fun, spirited and handicapped golf event.

The Necker 9

As a part of the Necker Open, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of unique golf challenges on Necker Island and surrounding BVI islands. These locations provide the perfect backdrop for chipping onto a floating green or driving from our selection of tee off spots! These challenges will be hosted at different times during the event in a variety of locations across Necker Island.